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Client: MOUVE Real Estate

Date: 01/04/2023


MOUVE Real Estate approached TL Design Co. to create its visual brand identity and overall art direction. MOUVE is an elite residential, development and leasing agent; aimed to enter the market as the number one projects office, offering sophisticated, fulfilling lifestyle projects to their client’s life by partnering with high-end developers who share the same sustainable future thinking strategies and aspirations. The brand identity goal was to evoke this while re-introducing its Director, Sarah Beale, into the Perth Property market as a new and elite player in the western suburbs. TL Design Co’s task was to create an elite, luxurious, intelligent, sustainable, and future-proofed brand with a stunning visual impact. “The best and most straightforward way to show movement in a work of art is to study how things change when in motion carefully.” When working through and creating this wordmark, I immediately stopped when I could read the words ‘move’ and ‘mouve’ and how the typography played on this within the font’s unique inner movement. The brand is highly flexible and organic. Applications change, and as designers, we sometimes find ourselves locked in with our rules. Therefore I have proposed several byline placements to future-proof and allow us to practise the brands’ constant change and movement within design and applications. Other Real Estate companies have stacked and landscape logo versions; With MOUVE, I’ve proposed different versions where our brand is visually flexible, cleverly engaging and subtly plays on the name it derives from. With the creation of movement whilst still evoking sophistication, elegance and grace.
Mouve Real Estate Branding and Art Direction TL Design Co. Designer Taryn Langlois

Client Testimonial

We are a few weeks away from launching our real estate agency, Mouve. We engaged Taryn several months ago after we had locked in our brand name and brand values. Taryn’s brief was to deliver two concepts that launch our business and ensure our agents’ collateral shone in a competitive market place. Taryn presented two concepts slightly ahead of schedule and they were both outstanding. We could not choose as they had so many fantastic elements. Taryn’s ability to ask a number of questions, to engage and find out who we were from the beginning and to delve into our points of difference allowed her to 100% nail the brief and deliver!

We could not be happier. I feel so confident going into our launch knowing that the brand collateral Taryn has provided matches our brand values and encapsulates the personalities of our Founders and Directors. I would highly recommend Taryn and I know we will be working with her again soon.

Carissa Kanakis – Mouve Content & Media Manager March 2023

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