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Date: 20/08/2017


The Yoga Clinic offers a space for different styles of yoga to suit everyone and offers a range of Yoga therapy services. The Yoga Clinic believes yoga is meant for everyone and every body and in order to make this a reality it has been Martine's dream to open a Yoga Clinic based on the concept of ‘physical and emotional well-being and self awareness’ and to provide one space to be able to explore the physical, social, and emotional aspects of the self, either at an individual level or in a group setting and to provide a community hub where like minded people.

Brand Strategy

The brand strategy was to create an identity that enriches and invites people to explore their emotional wellbeing and inner spirit. The logo design has a soft and calming presence, the mandala symbolises all aspects of mind, body and spirit; portraying meditation and yoga within a circle of like-minded people coming together.

Website & Digital Communications

The Yoga Clinic’s (TYC) website was designed simply to communicate their extensive and unique range of services and to make it as easy as possible for clients to book online! We integrated the site with MINDBODY this seamless and straightforward booking system allows clients to quickly view TYC’s real-time availability, scheduled classes, appointments and retreat packages. Clients can then self-select the time that works best for them, and easily book (and pay!) directly from the website.

MINDBODY also notifies The Yoga Clinic anytime a new appointment is booked, they can also check their schedule right from their phone via the website or the MINDBODY APP, and even automatically update the calendars TYC already uses, like Google, Outlook, or iCal. We also we’re able to automatically send branded and customised confirmations, reminders and follow-ups—via email or text message—and even accept payments – it’s easy and user-friendly!

Brand Strategy:
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand evolvement
Brand Creation:
  • Brand design
  • Visual identity design
  • Design guidelines
  • Brand standards
Brand Activation:
  • Website design & build
  • Print design
  • Design & art direction
  • WordPress CMS
  • Photography

Client Testimonial

Taryn has a real gift in her ability to take your ideas and produce designs and a website that totally exceeds your expectation and your imagination. Taryn is so attentive and supportive from the design concept through to the end. I couldn’t have accomplished what I have without your diligence, passion and creative talent. Thank you Taryn.

Martine Mcdougall – The Yoga Clinic Perth

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