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Date: 02/02/2018

The U Main Groupe is part of the modern vision of companies in order to facilitate costs and management. The company relies on strong partnerships with experts in their fields. The name U MAIN Group is a concept around several axes: U Main refers to HUMAIN, because the ‘human’ is at the heart of the business; "U" for reference to YOU in English; “Main" for the reference to the main event or major event; and "Groupe” for the notion of grouping, both of several departments and at the same time of several experts. Being already in a positive and empowering frame of mind we set out to create a purpose-driven brand that symbolised the mind and the psychological.

Brand Strategy

We wanted to create a brand the U Main Groupe could grow into. A brand that reflects what they do today, and what they could do in the future. For the logo we created a visual element that symbolised the brain, the mind and the psychological and took away any excess, leaving exactly what was needed. The principle of the logo then expanded into a dynamic visual language, with a colour palette designed to stand out in their industry.

Brand Strategy:
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand evolvement
Brand Creation:
  • Brand design
  • Visual identity design
  • Design guidelines
  • Brand standards
Brand Activation:
  • Proposed website design
  • Print design
  • Design & art direction

Client Testimonial

Taryn did a very professional job for our company. Available and listening I really recommend this company. Her very professional vision and her adaptation to the project make a great result that corresponds to both our vision and a design approach. Thank you for this great job and see you soon for another mission.

Aurélien Dawid Aames – U Main Groupe

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