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Project Details

Client: Krystal McGee Photography

Date: 20/07/2015

Krystal McGee is a professional photographer. She grew up in Zimbabwe and knew that she was going to photograph and document life from the age of 14. By the time she was 18, she had won awards in Texas and spent most of her last year of high school in the darkroom. She invited TL to guide her with a new image; through a repositioning and rebrand, aimed at showcasing her successful photographs, we were able to position Krystal as an expert in the photography industry.
Brand Strategy:
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand idea
Brand Creation:
  • Brand Design
  • Visual identity design
  • Design guidelines
  • Brand standards
Brand Activation:
  • Print design
  • Design & art direction

Client Testimonial

Taryn is amazing. My logo is fresh and exactly what I wanted. I was amazed with her colour knowledge! She was flexible, knowledgable and easy to work with. Thank you Taryn – I’m so excited with my new branding!

Krystal McGee Photography

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